Rutt’s Hutt

Rutts2 300x258 Rutts Hutt

(Open) Rutt’s Hutt

We all had our favorite hangouts when we were teenagers and Rutt’s Hut is one of mine.  I always use to spend time at Rutt’s Hut with my friends, Tony, Bob, Georgeanne, Phyllis and Ann.

Bamboo Room

The Bamboo Room

(Closed) Bamboo Room

Owners Norton D. Smith & Gerald B. O’Reilly

Sea Bright, New Jersey


The Lackawanna Train Station, Lyndhurst, NJ

(Closed) Ma Wooby’s Inn

The Wooby family has been in the hospitality business from 1840-1952 and it all started with a stagecoach stop in Allentown, NJ. They eventually moved to Lyndhurst, NJ where my great grandfather, Peter Wooby, built a restaurant that served as