The Restaurant Museum

History of the hospitality industry in the United States of America

The Restaurant Museum is an online Museum that has been created to honor and save the memories of restaurants in any venue of the hospitality industry.  Through personal stories, and photographs both current and past, it’s the ideal way to celebrate and archive the history of any restaurant business.

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Herbs Restaurant

One thing all people in this industry have in common are the memories that they create for their customers, memories of first dates, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones. This website includes photographs of these meaningful events from restaurants all over the US. The Restaurant Museum is to keep the history of American restaurants alive through recollections and photographs, including everything from the history of employees and patrons to tableware, signature dishes, and events. Whether you’re a diner, luncheonette, food cart or hotel tell your stories here past and present.

The Restaurant Museum is a great way to archive your photographs and papers so they are always available for future generations!

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The Collector Art Gallery Restaurant, U & 17th, 1989

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