About Us

I have created this museum to honor my family’s restaurant from 1840-1952.  Officially known by many names, The Standard Hotel, The Park Rest Inn, The Hollywood Bar and Grill &  Ma Wooby’s Inn House of Fun, in Lyndhurst, NJ have all have inspired me to create this site.

SantaI personally have been in the restaurant business for 40 years, and was owner of the The Collector Art Gallery Restaurant The Collector Art Gallery Restaurant at Dupont from 1987-1997 in Washington, DC.

Ma Wooby

Compelled by my family history and personal experiences, I created The Restaurant Museum to share the memories with others and ask that you join The Restaurant Museum telling your own history through photographs and written reminiscences.

Director of The Restaurant Museum
William Wooby

Remember: It took billions and billions of years to create you. Make sure it was worth the trouble.  -Bill Wooby 2000

I also am the founder of The Millennium Arts Center in Washington, DC and have a travel website called WoobyWorld.