How do I add my Information?

Thank you for your interest in the Restaurant Museum. To register with, please fill out the following Registration Form and return it with your scanned signature to Once you have registered with the restaurant museum and are approved to add your personal information, a photo gallery will be created for you to upload images to the site.

Registration Form

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Registration Form:

Your Information:

Full Name: _______________________________

Phone: _____________

Street Address: __________________________

City: __________________________

State: _______

Zip Code: ______

Basic Information of Restaurant

1. What is/was the name of your restaurant or hospitality business?

2. Is your restaurant or hospitality business open or closed?

3.When was your restaurant or hospitality business opened (& closed)?

4. Did your restaurant or hospitality business specialize in a particular ethnic or national cuisine, tradition, or decor (i.e. Italian, Chinese, American)?

5. Where is/was your restaurant or hospitality business located (City/ State)?

6. Was there more than one location (or did it move)?

7. How many owners are there or have there been?

8. How many generations of restaurant owners does/ did your business have?

9. How many staff and employees did/does your restaurant or hospitality business typically engage?

10. If available, please provide the link to your business’ website:

Helpful guidelines for adding information to

Spread items of your family history on a table (newspaper articles, photographs, and other information-separated into categories) and discuss your history with your family. Make a timeline of the beginning of your business to the end. Have it recorded or write it down.

Try using photographs to help tell a story.  Be as descriptive as you would like to tell the public about the history of your business, but be selective about which photographs you add. It’s possible to include information about special events including parties & fundraisers as well as guest appearances by any special people.

Please label as many images and documents you have with names and descriptions.

I agree to be held responsible for all the information I submit to be posted on is not held liable for any invasion of privacy complaints. I will not submit any inappropriate photographs or information, and I recognize the discretion of to exclude anything they choose.

Date: ______