Rutt’s Hutt

Rutt's Hut

(Open) Rutt’s Hutt

We all had our favorite hangouts when we were teenagers and Rutt’s Hut is one of mine.  I always use to spend time at Rutt’s Hut with my friends, Tony, Bob, Georgeanne, Phyllis and Ann.  All 6 of us would pile into Ann’s Rambler, with the seats put down in the back, and drive over to Rutt’s Hut.  With all the change we had, we bought as much food as we could. Of course french fries were cheap so we had plenty of extras. They fry their hot dogs so they are crispy on the outside and soft & savory on the inside.  In my opinion, Rutt’s Hut has some of the best hot dogs around. I think all of my found memories make them taste a little more special but I can assure you, if you like hot dogs, you will like Rutt’s Hut.  Also, Martha Stewart lives near by and I’m sure she has memories there too.

Rutt's HutRutt's Hut
Rutt’s Hut 417 River Rd., Clifton, NJ 973-779-8615

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